+classics is an interactive smartphone application  which scans ads at underground stations in real-time and replaces them with short stories.

In many big cities a lot of people use public transportation every day to get to work, to meet friends or to be able to go to the next party. Especially at metro stations, the advertising industry is using public spaces to display as many ads as possible and we all are exposed to hundreds of ads every day. The short story app is an application for everyone who owns a smartphone and who has not much time to read inbetween meetings, work, family and meeting friends.

The main goal of the project is to bring cultural aspects in the digital age back into public spaces to reduce the commercial aspects we are exposed to every day. This is why the application offers an "ad-blocker" for the daily life of everyone. Another feature is an integrated map which gives the user the possibility to get an overview over the current city he is in and shows all the stations in which you can discover more short stories. This enables a new way of getting to know the city the user is in at the moment of using the application but also a way to get to know the city the short stories are about.


The handling of the application is pretty simple: The user just has to follow the line to read through stories or find his locations. The lines are oriented on the underground map and is one of my design elements. While reading the stories the reading direction changes whenever there is an important change of plot or scenery within the stories. This introduces a new  and playful way of interaction while reading on the smartphone.

This picture shows my posters for our final exhibition. I chose to show a close up of the map, a start of one story and the story overview in the application.

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