personal organizer


During our studies we noticed that the different faculties at our university are very sepparated, not only by locations - there is also not much communication between the different students of the 5 faculties. The students often don't know about projects, events or presentations of other study programs or at other buildings. With this knowledge in our minds we created a personal organizer which helps students of Hochschule Hannover to connect with each other and have an overview of all of the classes and options the university offers.

The personal organizer is an application that helps each individual to organise their studies, their classes, tests and the structure of the daily life at Hochschule Hannover. It also offers an interdisciplinary networking system for the students and staff.

Due to a playful and easy way of handling the application, complex content and structures are getting shown. Focus is the planning and organising of the daily life at university. An integrated data visualization offers the possibility of getting an overview of the university, its faculties and study programs and shows the whole network until the different courses and its students. This enables an interdiscpilinary way of working and the exchange between the different faculties.

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