Together with graphic designer Caroline Breidenbach I created a flexible corporate design and brand identity for the fictive musem Lichtraum. Lichtraum is a museum for interactive media and offers a connection between art, new media and technology. The museum presents digital and interactive art to introduce a new way of understanding to the visitor.

The museum specializes in supporting an experimental and practical understanding of media art. The experience and the interaction with the exhibited artworks is very important and wanted. Shown are new and modern art pieces, installations, projections, data visualizations and performances in combination with relevant and serious topics.

During our process we went through many options of flexible logo versions.

The final flexible logo is an overlay of two logo versions: A blurry blue one and a slightly shifted black one. It moves as a gif. It gives the observer the illusion of not seeing clearly and the movement is the symbol for the interaction with the artworks.

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