sauna talks


On the 6th of December 2017 Finland celebrated their 100th Independence Day. While at Silence Awareness Existence Residency I created a clean and simple font that was based on the "Suomi 100" number design which I took to create the round forms. It also is inspired by Finnish design such as Marimekko. When I visited Helsinki for a few days everyone was carrying Marimekko tote bags and its bold but simple design is really present.

During my time at Arteles Creative Center we had silent days in which we couldn't talk. Of course we still communicated in different ways, by body language or we wrote down little notes. The text you can see in the newspaper is from our conversations on silent days and shows our vibe at the house. The name "Sauna Talks" is referring to the sauna culture in Finland which is quiet relaxing and inspiring. While meeting Finnish people on the street and noticing that they are really shy and quiet, in saunas they really enjoy to communicate with everyone. The contrast of going to the sauna every second day compared to our silent days is melting together in this project.

As part of the residency we presented our projects at an open studio night. I covered my working space with the Sauna Talks font.



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